Which is the Best Soy Yogurt? A Review on Brands and Products

Soy yogurt is not really the usual yogurt that you find on the market. As the name implies, this yogurt is not made from dairy products ― reason for it to be popular among vegans, ovo-vegetarians, Jewish people, and to those who are inflicted with severe illnesses, lactose intolerance and milk allergies. And not only does this product make a good substitute for regular yogurt, it can also be a good alternative to a lot of unhealthy junk foods that most kids and teenagers alike habitually eat. Soy yogurts are very healthy. They are, in fact, a very good source of protein ― and not just ordinary protein, but complete protein. Soy beans, from which soy yogurt is made, have all the essential amino acids that our body needs. Soy yogurt is also a very good source of calcium, fiber and magnesium. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids but low in saturated fatty acids, which people must avoid.

Because of the power of technology, several soy yogurts are produced and sold on the market by a lot of manufacturers. These products offer their consumers delicious, nutritious, and lactose free soy yogurt. To name a few, some of these soy yogurt brands include Silk Live Yogurt, , Wildwood Probiotic Soyogurt, Stoneyfield Soy Yogurt, WholeSoy & Co Soy Yogurt and Turtle Mountain Soy Yogurt. This article intends to give you information, as all other soy yogurt reviews do, to help you in deciding which among the rest is the best soy yogurt for your taste bud and for your health.

silk live soy yogurtSilk Live Yogurt is the ultimate manufacturer of soy yogurt in United States. It is owned by Dean Foods. Their advertisements say that they have six probiotic cultures that make their consumers healthy and improve the flavor of their product. These probiotic cultures include L acidophilus, L bulgarricus, L casei, L rhamnosus, Bifibacterium bifidium and Streptococcus thermophilus. This brand is also an organic soy yogurt.

One of the best things about Wilwood is that it offers unsweetened soy yogurt. In fact, they claim that they are “the only unsweetened plain soy yogurt available.” This yogurt contains 4 g of sugar and 110 calories per serving unlike vanilla flavored soy yogurt which has 21 g of sugar and 160 calories. Among other products, though, Wildwood has the densest solution, making its taste almost similar to dairy yogurt.

Although Stoneyfield makes soy yogurt, its products are however not suitable for vegans because it has a little content of dairy. Wholesoy & Co Soy Yogurt, on the other hand, has a very smooth and silky texture which perfectly bends well with its good consistency. Yet it may not work well as a drop-in replacement because its taste is not as intense as that of dairy yogurt.

Turtle Mountain offers the “So Delicious” yogurt which is made from organic soybeans. It also has natural ingredients that are good to the intestines. It comes in various flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry and peach.

Other popular soy yogurt products are Nancy’s, a vegan soy yogurt, and Olympic, a soy yogurt made in Canada.