Where to Buy Soy Yogurt?

Soy yogurt is gaining popularity because of its good health benefits, its delicious taste, and its versatility. This yogurt, sometimes called soya yoghurt, soyogurt, or yofu, is not a real yogurt though ― at least to the extent of its difference in terms of ingredient and taste as compared to the usual cow milk’s yogurt that you typically find on the market. Soy yogurt is a non-dairy product that is produced from soy milk, yet it is prepared in a pretty similar way as dairy yogurts. It can be a good source of complete protein (soy beans, from which soy yogurt is made, are rich in all essential amino acids), calcium, probiotics and lactic acid bacteria for people who are deprived of these nutrients because they are lactose intolerant. The average nutritional values of soy yogurt per 1000 gram are 59 kcal of energy, 4.7 g of protein, 2.7 g of fat, and 3.2 g of carbohydrate.

Soy yogurt is prepared by fermenting soy milk that has Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus theremophilus. Soy sugars (stachyose and raffinose) are then fermented by the bacteria into lactic acid. This lowers the pH of the yogurt to about 4.0 to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause food poisoning. If you ask, “how long does soy yogurt last” the answer is this: since soymilk is abounding in proteins (which, by the way, are an essential nutrient for putrefying microorganisms to grow) like that of dairy milk, the shelf life of soy yogurt is very much similar to that of dairy yogurt, if it is processed, packaged and stored in similar conditions. To be more guided, soy yogurt products are equipped with soy yogurt expiration on the label. You must always read the label when buying to take note of the proper way of eating it and storing it.

buy soy yogurtCurrently, there are four major soy yogurt manufacturers that you can choose from. All of these soy yogurt brands and manufacturers produce quality and exportable products. These are the Silk Live Soy Yogurt, Wholesoy & Co Soy Yogurt, Wildwood Probiotic Soyogurt, and So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk.

Another frequently asked question about soy yogurt is its taste. If you wonder what does soy yogurt taste like, the answer depends on the product and the type of yogurt that you are buying. For instance, Silk Live Soy Yogurt is gelatinous and shakes just like a jello. According to some soy yogurt reviews, this yogurt may be very creamy but leaves a metallic aftertaste. Wholesoy & Co Soy Yogurt, on the other hand, generally has lots of good review. Yet, although it has a good culture taste, it is still not as intense as a dairy yogurt.  So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk tastes well, but it somehow resembles the taste and texture of pudding than yogurt. Most reviews find Wilwood Probiotic Yogurt the best tasting cultured soy product.

Soy yogurt may be bought in groceries and in online shops. You can find however good stocks at drug stores and vegetarian groceries. An average 100 gram of soy yogurt which you may find on the Internet costs from 2 to 3 Dollars. Soy yogurt products on local stores are much cheaper since there is less marketing cost.