Soy Greek Yogurt: Discover the Secrets of Greek Cuisine

A lot of people love Soy Greek Yogurt. It seems that no other food can defeat its creaminess and its nutritional benefits. However, sometimes, there is a problem when it comes to the Soy Greek Yogurt that we encounter on the market or in our favorite restaurants. Some just have the intense taste that our taste buds cannot tolerate; some, on the other hand, are simply expensive. Yet, who could ever resist this very delicious and very nutritious food? None. We must admit ― even those who have not tasted this yogurt yet ― that by just seeing some pictures on the Internet, we crave to have this luscious food right then and there on our plate!

greek soy yogurtGood thing, there is a solution to this problem. You can easily make your own Soy Greek Yogurt even in the comfort of your home. The procedure is very easy and does not require you to spend a lot. In fact, if you really are an avid fan of Greek Soy Yogurt, you will find that preparing a homemade Greek Yogurt is even cheaper than buying one with the groceries. You may also control the intensity of the yogurt so it can actually fit the tolerability of your taste buds. And not only that! If you are planning to reduce some weight without of course depriving yourself of this heavenly goodness, you can prepare your very own homemade fat-free Soy Greek Yogurt. This type of yogurt is very creamy, mild-tasting, calcium-rich and inexpensive. You can also experiment a little and incorporate the flavor that you love. Through this, you can take pride and fully enjoy your own exquisite Soy Greek Yogurt.

So, how to prepare a Greek Soy Yogurt? It is simple. All you need are one 6 oz container of plain soy yogurt and one 4 2oz of unsweetened soy milk. First, you have to measure the soy milk using the large bow and then let all the ingredients have a room temperature. Mix a small portion of the room temperature milk into the soy yogurt. Stir it well to ensure that the milk blends perfectly well with the yogurt. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes runny. In this state, the yogurt can easily blend into the milk and lumps may be prevented. Pour the whole mixture into your yogurt maker. Turn the machine on and let it set for 5 to 6 hours. When the yogurt sort of starts to reach the top of the jars, you can then turn off the maker and take them out at once to avoid overflowing.

Once done, pour the soy yogurt into a strainer with cheesecloth. Let is set for a few hours until all extra liquid has been drained off. Do not trash the liquid yet. If you feel that the yogurt is too stiff, you can mix it back again. When the texture and the thickness of your yogurt meet your predilection, transfer it to a bowl. Stir it again to make it even creamier. At this point, you may add the flavor you want. Two of the popular flavorings used are vanilla and stevia.